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Green Teal Shimmer Jellyfish Pendant


This incredibly detailed glass jellyfish pendant was created in the flame by Elaine Forbes aka weelainy.

It is created using borosilicate glass (also known as PYREX) which is a hard glass known for its strength and durabillity as well as its crystal clear and incredible reactive colors. The process, called lampworking, involves melting rods of glass on a propane/oxygen torch and shaping while the glass is molten. Many different techniques are used in this pendant to create the final jellyfish form.

This jellyfish is made in a brand new colour combination that i am extremely happy with. It has a textured cap which has a pretty green and teal colour with a pale blue haze on the surface. It also has a delicate skirt of fine white strands between the cap, then the shimmering teal/green tentacles and the longer white/green tentacles extending below the others and twisting as it swims.

The pendant comes strung on a black satin cord (adjustable length).

Dimensions - approx 1.7 inches long including bail, 0.6 inches wide at widest part.

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