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CHARDONNAY VORTEX - Wine Bottle Stopper


A unique handcrafted Wine Bottlestopper created in the flame by Weelainy.

CHARDONNAY VORTEX is an optical illusion Bottlestopper made out of Borosilicate glass (PYREX) - known for its reactivity and strength. It is created by making a marble and then attaching a clear glass stem that is condensed at the end to make a ball. A food grade rubber stopper is slipped into the stem turning the beautiful marble to be a functional peice of art by providing an air tight seal for you bottles of wine.

The marble has an incredible deep vortex in blue, green and cream inside, which draws you in and gives the illusion of being deeper than is physically possible. It is backed with a blue sparkle glass.

A totally unique gift for the wine connoiseur or a collectable, functional piece of art for yourself.

Each bottlestopper is created one by one by Elaine Forbes by melting, layering and shaping rods of glass in the flame (a torch that uses Propane and Oxygen) using a process called - lampworking - . Each bottlestopper is then carefully annealled to ensure durability in a digitally controlled kiln.

Dimensions - Marble top is 23mm in diameter and length is 61mm

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