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PURPLE VESSEL - Clear Handles


This is a lovely lampworked borosilicate glass vessel, created in the flame by Elaine Forbes, AKA Weelainy.

It is made with a fantastic creamy reactive glass that has resulted in a range of stormy colors from purple and blue to olive green and pink. The handles are made with clear glass and allow the vessel to be worn around the neck. It has a raised twisted stripe pattern that creates an interesting texture and magnifies the colors below. The bottom has been ground flat on a diamond lap wheel to allow it to stand up. The natural cork stopper creates an air tight seal. The cavity is perfect for keeping essensial oil or perfume or even some sand from your favorite beach.... the choice is yours.

All of my glass is carefully annealled in a digitally controlled kiln to relieve strss in the glass and ensure strength and durability.


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