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SUNBURST - Borosilicate Paperweight


This handmade one of a kind mini-paperweight/ornament was created n the flame by Elaine Forbes, AKA Weelainy.

SUNBURST is an air trap paperweight made with borosilicate glass (PYREX), known for its strength, reactivity and clarity. The design is created by precision glass application and heat controlled implosion to give the incredible three dimensional internalised anenome/cactus form with bubbles above. It is initially created as a marble then the base is ground flat on a diamond lap wheel.  I have used a couple of reactive colors color in this one and has resulted in a very pretty golden orange design that has hints of pink and purple. The optical effect of the clear lens is really amazing.


All my glass is carefully annealled in a digitally controlled kiln to relieve stress in the glass and ensure strength and durability.


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